Or how to develop 4 business apps for the price of 3 using Nx?

If in advance you decide what applications you will need in the future and develop them as a single system now, you will save money and time on at least testing a couple of dozen hypotheses in marketing. And perhaps launch one more business.

However, many customers do not know about this feature, because very few developers can implement it with Nx, and thus they do not offer it.

We know how and we practice it. Let me give you an example.

About the business and money

How to speed up the development of your Angular app with ngModel.

Angular gives us access to a strange world first but then turns into a surprising and logical one. Let’s start with the good things right away.

Any work with the input field (yes, those site users are constantly trying to enter some data) forces us to write handlers in order to get the data. Sometimes we are required to submit the data, and to do so, we also have to create a handler.

It would be great not to subscribe to the same action every time in order…

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